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A Brief Summary Of A Costa Rica Bachelor Party

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – Known for the broad range of tourist attractions, Costa Rica is home numerous hotels that host bachelor parties. When you set for a Costa Rica Bachelor Party, you arrive at the Juan Santamaria Airport, in San Jose and travel for 30 minutes towards Hotel Del Rey. Other than waiting for the day to grab a taxi at the airport, consider booking a ride with Costa Rica Guys Trip, as it gives you convenience and value for money.
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Upon arriving at the destination hotel, you can take a few hours to relax and re-energize from the tiresome flight as you prepare for the lively Costa Rica bachelor party and Jaco bachelor party. Get down to the Hotel’s restaurant for your lunch and taste exquisite traditional Costa Rican Cuisines. You can also take in some of the beautiful women that want you to take them for a spin.

Exploring San Jose

A visit to Costa Rica is not enough without spending some time on a Barrio Walking Tour, for sightseeing and cultural exhibition. Make sure you have the camera with you to take off the groups, and the historical and educational aspect of the bachelor party will thrill the bride. If you visit Costa Rica, you have to see what Costa Rica provides. Take a walk via Mercado Central and grab some local brew- Imperial is the brand to beat.

The 6 pm Gastronomy aka Dinner

If you want to add to the snacks, you can head down towards Park Café in a 15 minutes’ walk. Let not one lie to you that the food is not delicious just because the joint sits within an antique shop. While it might look a simple restaurant, you will be surprised by the traffic, hence the need to make reservations.

The 10 pm Nightlife

Costa Rica’s nightlife is what defines fun, and San Jose is the place to be from 10 pm. You can begin your first night at the largest yet the most modern destination-Rapsodia Lounge and Nightclub. It is a perfect place to take shots and dance the better part of the evening. If you get tired, head to Havana Humidor Room to get some Cuban cigars and whiskeys. You can still hop to another lounge before retiring back to your hotel for some sleep.

The Hangover Recovery

For the early risers, 10 AM is time to be on the […]

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Best Places to Pick Up Nighttime Company in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – You may have planned to visit Costa Rica, and if you have been there, you know what makes it famous: tourism and sex tourism. Jaco and San Joe are that major cities where you could be wishing to go thanks to the tourist attractions and plenty of women available. Being a tourist town, Jaco might be expensive owing to the enormous number of visitors, hence the reason why people opt for San Jose. You will have the best warm up at the beaches with the view of Latinas in Jaco, but it is likely to get steamy in San Jose.

Unlike in most countries, you need not worry of the authorities when picking the girls, as it is legal. However, you need to keep within the agreement or risk spending some time in police custody. While you are out for pleasure, they are in for business, unlike you, the least time they take per client the better, but they are known to keep the promise. If you are looking for prostitutes in Costa Rica, consider the following:
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Sportsmen Lodge

When it is time to catch the match and get some action afterward on a Costa Rica Bachelor Party, the sportsman’s lodge gives you plenty of beauties. Located in a top-notch place of San Jose, the joint attracts bachelors often seeking for some company and comfort. You cannot miss a working girl on every table, hence not likely to struggle to get one. It features a stylish, relaxed yet upscale setting that gives you not only ambiance but also a wide range of tasty Tex-Mex meals.

You can catch up with the beauty of your choice anywhere from afternoon until midnight when the club closes. It is yet to find a match for its nightlife and the lively women. You need not wait until the weekend as every day comes with extraordinary surprises. They will always make the first move as you watch the game, and you could be the next client.

Hotel Del Rey

While experiencing a Costa Rica bachelor party, you do not have to walk the streets looking for brothels to get girls. Hotel Del Rey is known for prostitution, more than any other joint. The Latinas in this hotel are duped the best, and you could bear the testimony on your visits. They understand the place and know what it takes […]

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    Visiting The Hotel Del Rey in Costa Rica; Accomodations, Women & Gambling

Visiting The Hotel Del Rey in Costa Rica; Accomodations, Women & Gambling

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – It takes weeks to months to plan your visit to Costa Rica, and when time comes, you want nothing short of the best experience. The country is known for the wide range of flora and fauna, white sand beaches, hospitable culture as well as the Latinas out to give you the best of partying experience. That comes automatically, but where do you stay? You need a serene yet stylish Hotel that offers you all that you need. If proximity to the major national parks and Museums is what you need, Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica offers you a perfect landing to your visit.
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Quality Accommodations

On arrival, you need somewhere to lay your head as you prepare the next day’s excursions or at least catch up with your friends in the evening. The rooms are not only spacious but also fully equipped with contemporary furniture and electronic devices required to keep you warm, replenished and entertained during your stay. A thought about the stunning bed might lead you to wonder the number of visitors who could have used the room, but nothing tells of it. You may not need to stay there if you need a rather laid-back environment.

The Cuisine

You probably want to get out of your usual delicacies, and indulge into the well-crafted local and international cuisines. The Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica prides in an excellent team of chefs that gives visitors exclusive experience on the Menu. A taste of the ancient Costa Rican Casado gives the authentic feel on your dinner.

Sit in the Lobby & Watch the Costa Rican Women

A walk into the main lobby takes you to where the events begin. If you are the shy kind, you might get it hard to convince women that you are not in for some hours of companionship. The two big bars, blue marlin and big Casino sit next to a reception area, which get busier with the night. The lobby is known to host a couple of young women sitting next to older women: often Americans and not even the Casino will hide you from the lovely women.

They are all beautiful, which tempts to ask the reason why they could be sitting late at night. If you think of partying with $100 for a couple of hours, you will be surprised that most are on their University tenures, […]

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    A Costa Rica Bachelor Party at the Sportsmen’s Lodge (Sports Bar, Hotel, & Brothel)

A Costa Rica Bachelor Party at the Sportsmen’s Lodge (Sports Bar, Hotel, & Brothel)

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – Well if it comes to one place where you can watch the game and take in some beautiful women as scenery The Sportsmen’s Lodge in San Jose, Costa Rica should be your choice.  Can you imagine taking a halftime break with one of the women at the bar in a hotel room at the bar? That is possible at the famous Sportsmen’s Lodge in Costa Rica.
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A Bachelor Party a common occurrence in Costa Rica, with legalized prostitution driving the attendants in numbers. When you visit Costa Rica, you probably are looking for an excellent living experience without breaking the bank. It seems a tall order but possible if you choose the Sportsmen Lodge in Costa Rica. It might not be your place for gambling, but if watching the game and meeting women is what you want, then it is the place to be.

The Hotel Rooms

Over the last decade, the Sportsmens Lodge remains a must stop joint on your way to the rain forest cruises, and beach adventures. The 1906 structure was made to perfection with the sportspersons in mind. When it comes to accommodation, the room’s packages are tailored to serve the needs of the users. Even the cheapest room gives you an exquisite experience, making you feel like you are in your castle. They are not only spacious but also clean and well lit. The reception staff gives a friendly welcome and is always ready to help when you are in need.

The Bar and Restaurant

There is a comfort that comes with a delicious beer and wine catalog, which is what you at the elegant yet comfortable bar. Fitted with numerous TV monitors, you are sure to catch all the American matches, as you indulge into the great local and American cuisines. You will get an open standard breakfast at the bar, which comprises of the juice, coffee, toast and other snacks. The best part is that you will not pay.

It takes about 10 minutes to get your order on the table, regardless of the composition, often without compromising the visual and taste appeal. The joint is known for the social ambiance and often hence a perfect place to relax after an engaging day. A single visit is likely to drive more whenever you come to Costa Rica.

The Bambu Thai Massage

Everyone wants to relax after […]

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Hotel Cocal & Hotel Del Rey for a Costa Rica Bachelor Party

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – When you think about Costa Rica, you probably get the picture of the monkeys, Volcanoes Toucans and the pristine beaches that harbor beautiful surfing areas along the coastline. You cannot escape the thought of the Rich biodiversity that contributes to the local ecotourism that gives an opportunity to connect with nature. Other than conventional tourism, Costa Rica is known to host bachelor parties thanks to Hotel Cocal & Hotel Del Rey.

Hotel Cocal in Jaco

There is no doubt about the presence of appealing options for discerning travelers. While it is not the seedy underbelly of the country’s economy, it is hard to wish away sexual tourism, as tourists from the US and Canada throngs the major joints for the outgoing Latina temptress. A bachelor party at Hotel Cocal is what you need to get the best out of Costa Rica.
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Located in Jaco, the restaurant and Casino sits adjacent to the beach sand, giving access to Jaco’s premier surf breaks. The proximity to Jaco Town provides an ambient environment for daytime events. The poolside cabana and the Local twin pools create a lively ambiance required for the bachelor party.

Think about the cool Pacific breeze that gives you a fresh breath, enough to awaken your nerves, when you have your meals at the beachfront restaurant. The palm trees lining along the beach gives an authentic coastal feeling, hard to find elsewhere. It is not enough to stay without trying the full range of local and traditional American cuisines, with the well-crafted Chateau Briand giving the real taste of the Hotel Cocal.

The air-conditioned modern Casino and Bar allows you indulge into a Texas Hold-em match, rummy table or the blackjack. In addition, you will not miss important events thanks to the Bar’s satellite screens. Worry not about your stay in the hotel as it comes with 24 hours security, access to private parking, and double lock secure box. You may opt for the Jr. Suite, Poolside Rooms, Oceanfront rooms or the courtyard depending on your tastes. The rates cover double occupancy, breakfast, and taxes, with additional persons attracting $15.

Hotel Del Rey in San Jose, Costa Rica

In the heart of San Jose lies the Hotel Del Rey. The premise comprises a restaurant as well as a Casino, which keeps you glued to your favorite tournament. The rooms feature a shower, cable TV, minibar, […]

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Costa Rica Redefining The Bachelor Party Experience

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – Costa Rica bachelor parties; all your hidden desires & needs will be fulfilled without public judgment. In Las Vegas, you will enjoy a night of gambling, alcohol, drugs, and strippers. Costa Rica makes your stay, one that you will not wish to forget, the tropical weather, numerous outdoor activities and local cuisine keep you entertained. When it comes to travel, Americans and Canadians can now enjoy up to 90 days of stay without the need for applying for a Visa, and it is just a short flight away.
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The periodic flights from the major cities in Canada and the USA make a Costa Rica Bachelor Party even better, 4-7 hours to get to the country. When it comes to accommodations, choose from posh hotels, magnificent villas, expensive condominiums, opulent homes as well as private homes that give access to the ocean or view of the green rain forest in the mountains. Although you may not spend much time in your villa with so many activities to partake in on a Costa Rica Bachelor Party.

Outdoor Adventure Tours

There is just so much that you can do after a rigorous night of dancing and drinking. If you enjoy water activities, you cannot have enough of swimming, surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing and scuba diving. If you love jungles, join the ATV or eco tours to enjoy bird watching, hiking, exploration tours and horseback riding at various national parks and conservatories.

Exclusive Nightlife

Other than the wide range of activities, you need to get the best out of the nightlife. When it is time for heavy drinking, make a visit to the Beatle Bar Costa Rica, Monkey Bar, Le Loft and Jaco Blu. The places are known for authentic and international beverages, served by dazzling waiters while the music and high tech flat screens keep you glued your favorite genres and channels. For the gambling enthusiast residing in a Jaco bachelor party, the Hotel Cocal,  Marriott Los Suenos, and Ampola hotels give you what you need.

When it is time to go in search of Costa Rican women, the Hotel Cocal Costa Rica might be an excellent destination to meet the stunning hot women keeping men company around the poolside bar. You will get the size, color, and height that you want, without striving to catch their attention. No one will bust you when you […]

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    The Beatle Bar, No Longer The Place On A Costa Rica Bachelor Party

The Beatle Bar, No Longer The Place On A Costa Rica Bachelor Party

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – When you need to have some time without the typical hassles of your life, Costa Rica ranks high among the travel destinations. Costa Rica bachelor party offers a rare opportunity to immerse into real fun, in the most authentic yet modern settings.

Whether you have gone before or not, you might have heard of the Beatle Bar Costa Rica that sits 100 meters from the Monkey Bar. It has for a long time attracted unpopular reputation, hence considered among the most nefarious bars in the place.
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Beatle Bar Jaco has changed from the cool joint for the guest seeking exciting moments with cheaper yet discreet company, to a lively open-air club. Before the renovation of the bar, it featured a drooping appearance that looked a bit unkempt but was not enough to detract visitors. For men, it was perfect hiding place when they needed to keep their friends and wives away from what they did. It was filled with women of varying shapes, sizes, skin tone as well as glamour, waiting to be picked by the next visitor. Some would even make the first move, and trigger a small talk with incoming customers or the lone-seated guests for a “play for play.”

Whether you are coming for Jaco bachelor party, or a family vacation, you may feel the difference. The two years of inactivity made the girls seek areas with better fortunes leaving the bar for those seeking time with family and general chats. Hotels such as the Hotel Cocal Costa Rica were the primary destinations for the Latina, as they would get the right catch for the nights. With new technology, the girls use text messages to track areas they can get Costa Rica bachelor party groups that have more money to spend.

In a bid to salvage the failing business, the management introduced the cover charges and raised the drink costs, which did more harm than good for the firm. More clients left the club, and so the women, with the Jaco Beach Hotel Cocal in Costa Rica seemingly reaping from 80-100 women a night. Since then, the hotel remains among the best for those looking for a woman. As for the Beatle bar, the renovation work has left a friendly open-air club to catch your favorite music and drink.
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    Why Costa Rica Bachelor Party Over Las Vegas Bachelor Parties

Why Costa Rica Bachelor Party Over Las Vegas Bachelor Parties

Costa Rica Bachelor Party –  When it comes to bachelor parties, there numerous choices that men can take, perhaps without hassle. A few years ago, you only had Las Vegas for your bachelor parties, hence did not have to choose what you need. Today, there is a sea of options for the buddies to spend quality time before making a lifetime commitment. If serenity is what you are seeking, Costa Rica offers a myriad of places such as Hotel Cocal Costa Rica, Blue Marlin Bar , and the Costa Rica Beatle Bar among others.

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Hotel Cocal, Jaco Beach & Sex Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Guys Trips – People who are looking for a great vacation get-away usually consider Costa Rica in their list of best vacation spots and think of the amazing flora and fauna, picturesque views of mountain tops and pristine beaches, abundant bio-diversity and verdant valleys. However, aside from eco-tourism which Costa Rica is so celebrated for, it is also a popular vacation spot for people who wants to catch some action or are looking for a nighttime company; bluntly speaking it is famous for sexual tourism or prostitution and places like the Hotel Cocal, Jaco Beach.
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Do not stress, prostitution is legal and is not really the sleazy underbelly of Costa Rica. It is a big part of the Costa Rican economy and is patronized by locals and foreigners alike. There are certain prohibitions though; although prostitution is allowed, pimping is not and only women of legal age may sell sexual favors. “If you are caught dilly dallying with an under-aged girl you will most definitely find yourself behind bars.
If you want to find a sensual Latina to spend a blissful night with there is one place you should go and visit: the epicenter of prostitution in all of Costa Rica the Hotel Cocal & Casino.

Hotel Cocal & Casino, Jaco Beach

This oceanfront hotel is located in Jaco, Costa Rica along Calle Cocal. It has a restaurant with an open-air seating, an outdoor pool with a bar beside it, casino where you can play poker and games, and different types of accommodations that best fit your needs.

Hotel Cocal & Casino offers many amenities but the best crowd drawer and its main attraction are the numerous girls that frequent the pool-side bar once the sun sets, especially during the weekends.

When you drop by the Cocal on a Saturday night you will find yourself bedazzled with the many magnificent looking women crowding the pool area. You will definitely not just look but gawk at the beautiful, luscious working girls in different dresses and shoe sizes, a myriad of hair colors from blonde to brunette and everything in between, all breast-cup sized imaginable and all of them dressed to impress. Now before making any decision on who to take with you, make sure to wait until midnight when all the girls working that night has arrived in order to make sure that you have seen everything the […]

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Costa Rica; A Top Ranked Bachelor Party Destination

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – Costa Rica is paradise for men looking to escape the day to day life and have a little fun without worrying about what the spouse or girlfriend finding out. You can enjoy all the Las Vegas attractions (alcohol, gambling, strippers and prostitution); but you have the excuse to the significant other that you are going to enjoy activities like white water rafting, zip-lining, sport fishing and so many more along the beaches and rain forests of Costa Rica.

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