shop 2017 bridesmaid dresses UKWho wants anything less than a wildly exotic bachelor party or guys trip? You should accept nothing less than the best for such an important life event. The Latina ladies of Costa Rica make this the number one location for your celebration and bonding. You and the guys will not only spend time together reminiscing about old times, but also create extraordinary new memories.

Costa Rica hosts 2 million visitors a year. The nature, culture, and adventure found here draws people from all walks of life. It’s the number one bachelor party country in Latin America. Some would argue that it’s the best place in all of the Americas to host such an event or have a guy’s trip to party with friends and take a break from life.

Because flights usually get in after noon, people usually start the party in the capital, San Jose or the closest beach, Jaco. These places are full of international restaurants, upscale bars, vibrant strip clubs and hot girls. These cities also boast impressive casinos. After some time enjoying the adult nightlife scene of one of these cities people often take their group to a more private location to spend some quality time together partaking in all that there is to do in Costa Rica.

For a secondary location you can choose from visiting a cloud forest, volcano, beach resort, national park, or natural hot springs. Try learning to surf, searching for giant sea turtles, or jumping in a boat to go sport fish. The adventure tours available, such as ATV riding or jet-skiing, are almost endless. It’s impossible to be bored in Costa Rica.

To make your Costa Rican bachelor party or guys trip a step more luxurious you might consider traveling in a limo to and from the airport or partying on a private charter boat with some of your new lady friends. Look into booking a private vacation home with your own pool, BBQ, and secluded entertaining spaces.

Packing up your suitcase and heading to Costa Rica to celebrate the brotherly bond you have between you and your best friends will be a trip you will never forget. Think back on the trips you remember the most and what you did.

Remember “What Happens in Costa Rica is Left at Customs!” but the memories will last forever.

The purpose of this E-book is to let you know many of the things that are available for you and your boys to do in Costa Rica on your Guy’s Trip.   This is by no means everything, but we tried to be as thorough as possible.

pic2Knowing the requirements for entering Costa Rica is quite important. You do not want something minor like a passport expiration date to cancel or delay your trip.  Below are the entry requirements when travelling to Costa Rica.

• Your passport must be valid at least 1 calendar day beyond the date that you enter Costa Rica. However, it is preferable that the passport be valid for more than six months after entrance into the country.

• You must have a pre-paid airline or bus ticket to exit Costa Rica within 90 days

• Passports must contain a blank visa stamp page.

• Children under 18 may travel with a joint passport with their parents, legal guardians or travel companion.

This page will help you with your specific country requirements –

Citizens holding valid passports from the following countries are permitted to stay in Costa Rica for 90 days without a visa:

Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Australia*, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Chile, Cyprus, Denmark*, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, United States*, Estonia, Finland, France*, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, México, Montenegro, Norway*, New Zealand*, Netherlands*, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Principality Of Monaco, San Marino, Puerto Rico, Serbia, South Africa, United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland **, Czech Republic, Republic Of South Korea, Hellenic Republic (Greece), Romania, Vatican City, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Republic Of China (Taiwan), Trinidad And Tobago and Uruguay.

occasion dressesEveryone wants to visit Costa Rica! Now you can do so affordably from many major hubs in the United States and Canada. If you are one of the many bachelors looking to party in a tropical place, this may be the hottest option for you!

Costa Rica has two airports servicing international airlines. The one in the capital city of San Jose is Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) and the other one, Daniel OduberQuiros International Airport (LIR), is located in Liberia. If you are heading to the Guanacaste beaches you’ll want to search for flights into LIR, whereas for most other locations you should begin your time in Costa Rica in San Jose for easy connections with ground transportation.

When making arrangements for your trip, keep in mind that the more expensive season is December through April. Booking flights mid-week will help you get lower rates. Another tip is to fly from one of the main hub cities such as Dallas, Miami, Charlotte, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Atlanta, New York, Houston, and Newark.

During low season you can expect the following fares for roundtrip travel: $385 from Miami, $550 from New York, $695 from Toronto, and $760 from San Francisco. The range for hub cities will be between $385 and $760.

During the high season the range is $520 to $798. Some examples of the fares in this range would be $600 from Washington D.C., $700 from Atlanta, $745 from Los Angeles.

The international airlines currently servicing Costa Rica as well as the U.S. or Canada include American, Air Canada, Continental, Copa, Delta, Frontier, GrupoTaca, Jet Blue, Spirit, Iberia, Northwest, US Airways, and United.



pic4Drinking, gambling, and strippers are available worldwide, not just in Vegas. Costa Rica has all of these and much more. You won’t wake up to ocean views in Vegas, for example. Your goodbye singleness party should be something that will be unique and unforgettable. I bet you have already been to someone else’s bachelor party in Vegas. Leave your friends with good memoirs that they know were definitely at your one of a kind event.

In the last two years, bachelor party bookings have more than tripled in exotic Costa Rica. Times have changed. Today’s soon to be wed guys are less interested in wasting all their money on one crazy night. They are more inclined to have a whole week full of some craziness as well as some quality time with their amigos. This includes just a weekend guy’s trip as well.

Some guys skip the party and go fishing or hunting. Why skip the party? Why choose only one activity? You can have it all in Costa Rica. Your fiancé will be impressed at your tan and you will be happy you didn’t burn like you would in the heat of Vegas. The climate in Costa Rica is hot enough for the beach but breezy enough for sports and other outdoor events.

White water rafting, zip lining, golfing, surfing, and fishing are all available to you in tropical Costa Rica. After a few nights of adult activity you may want to just chill on a secluded beautiful beach. Vegas doesn’t have anything to offer you after your stomach is done with binge drinking and your wallet hurts to much to gamble anymore. $2500 can get you a 3 day weekend in Vegas or a whole week in Costa Rica. The choice should be easy.


Table Vegas vs. Costa Rica


pic6Costa Rica is visited by 1.5 million people annually, including many who are seeking an inexpensive elongated bachelor party full of adventure and excitement. Most of the adventures will take place around national parks and in the clubs. To avoid negative adventures like robberies please take note of the following precautions.

Normally, people return home with their wallets and belongings intact. The small percentage who run into trouble usually have ignorance or lack of paying attention to blame! Bachelors sometimes fall into the category of people who think, “It’s too much of a hassle to figure out how to make a copy of my passport in a foreign country, I’ll just carry the original around and hide it under a towel while I go swimming.” It’s said that a stolen passport is worth $4,000 on the black market. To avoid having to spend hours at the embassy to apply for an emergency passport, follow the advice. Get a copy of the picture and visa pages and leave the original in a hotel safe.

Notice I said hotel safe, not just hotel. This goes for any belongings from fancy watches to traveler checks. Most people who clean rooms or have access to keys are good people. For some living in extreme poverty, it’s too difficult to resist stealing cash that’s left out on the counter. When you travel between hotels by bus, keep a bag of your important and valuable things on your lap. Keep the rest of your belongings in an overhead area that you can see from your seat, further front and on the opposite side than your seat.

Another bachelor or guys trip group mistake is to all get really drunk. If you’re heading to a beach bar just a few blocks walk away from your hotel, you may think you don’t need a designated driver, you are here to party after all. A designated sober person will ensure that you walk home without drawing too much attention to the fact that you are foreigners, which would make you a target for pick pocketing. If you plan to take a taxi home, ask your hotel staff how much you should expect to pay and set aside that amount of money in a certain pocket to avoid taking out your wallet or a large mess of cash in a dark car in the middle of the night in a foreign country while you are drunk!

One last thing for bachelors to keep in mind is about packing. It doesn’t matter when you plan to go to Costa Rica, you will need to bring at least one pair of long pants and one jacket. Maybe you will need it only on the first and last day in the Central Valley near the airport or maybe you will need it every night, depending on the location you choose. Don’t pack like guys usually do. A swimsuit and three T-shirts is not enough.