Bachelors sometimes get so carried away with the idea of going on a fun party vacation that they leave their common sense behind! Having lived in the country for a few years, let me share with you some common sense as well as little known facts that bachelors should know.

First, to get into the country your passport must be valid for at least six more months, yes, even if you are only staying a week.

You can drink the tap water unless you are in the middle of nowhere. In any developed part the water is fine, unless there are signs saying otherwise.

You don’t need shots for Costa Rica unless you plan to act like a boy.However, if you are going to chase each other around barefoot in the street or jungle get a tetanus and hepatitis vaccine.

Travel TipsWhen an annoying old lady at the hotel tells you to throw your toilet paper in the garbage rather than the toilet, listen to her. I know guys like to make their own rules, but you will end up with a messy flooded bathroom if you do whatever you want! If you do not want an earlybird cleaning lady knocking on your door at 8a.m. tell the hotel staff the night before.

If you plan to rent a car you need a high credit card limit. They will freeze a large deposit. Tell your credit card company you will be out of the country. Ticos are terrible drivers. If you have an accident you are not allowed to move the car. If you move it your insurance is cancelled and you are guilty! When looking at a map, take the time you assume it will take between locations and double it!

Don’t assume you can get money where you are going. Ask at your hotel if there are ATMs in your next location. If there are, carry only small amounts of cash at a time. Don’t carry bills bigger than $20, as they are not accepted.

For the best food go to a local restaurant; not a chain. These are called sodas. If you go to any store that has prices only in U.S. Dollars, assume they are ripping you off and go somewhere else. Understand the conversion rate. If you have a disagreement about price or anything else, keep your cool. Ticos don’t yell. If you do, you will not get what you want.