Costa Rica Bachelor Party – Well if it comes to one place where you can watch the game and take in some beautiful women as scenery The Sportsmen’s Lodge in San Jose, Costa Rica should be your choice.  Can you imagine taking a halftime break with one of the women at the bar in a hotel room at the bar? That is possible at the famous Sportsmen’s Lodge in Costa Rica.

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A Bachelor Party a common occurrence in Costa Rica, with legalized prostitution driving the attendants in numbers. When you visit Costa Rica, you cheap prom dresses  probably are looking for an excellent living experience without breaking the bank. It seems a tall order but possible if you choose the Sportsmen Lodge in Costa Rica. It might not be your place for gambling, but if watching the game and meeting women is what you want, then it is the place to be.

The Hotel Rooms

Over the last decade, the Sportsmens Lodge remains a must stop joint on your way to the rain forest cruises, and beach adventures. The 1906 structure was made to perfection with the sportspersons in mind. When it comes to accommodation, the room’s packages are tailored to serve the needs of the users. Even the cheapest room gives you an exquisite experience, making you feel like you are in your castle. They are not only spacious but also clean and well lit. The reception staff gives a friendly welcome and is always ready to help when you are in need.

The Bar and Restaurant

There is a comfort that comes with a delicious beer and wine catalog, which is what you at the elegant yet comfortable bar. Fitted with numerous TV monitors, you are sure to catch all the American matches, as you indulge into the great local and American cuisines. You will get an open standard breakfast at the bar, which comprises of the juice, coffee, toast and other snacks. The best part is that you will not pay.

It takes about 10 minutes to get your order on the table, regardless of the composition, often without compromising the visual and taste appeal. The joint is known for the social ambiance and often hence a perfect place to relax after an engaging day. A single visit is likely to drive more whenever you come to Costa Rica.

The Bambu Thai Massage

Everyone wants to relax after a daylong’s activities in the jungle or the beach. Nothing beats the Thai bambu massage when it comes to body relaxation. The method helps align your energies and traces its origin to the Buddha. It is based on the Buddhist principle that forms the foundation of an effective treatment for the body, soul, and the mind.

Day Tours

When it is time to discover the hidden mysteries in the jungles of Costa Rica, day tours provides a remarkable opportunity to view the natural beauty without exiting the nightlife entertainment. It helps to plan the trip after arrival, when you have had enough rest, hence ready for a fresh experience. Advance bookings help miss the limited spots available for culture trips. The Sportsmen’s Lodge gives you a great home base for these tour although you might not want to even leave.

And if you want gambling casinos are right around the corner including Costa Rica’s Del Rey Hotel

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