Drinking, gambling, and strippers are available worldwide, not just in Vegas. Costa Rica has all of these and much more. You won’t wake up to ocean views in Vegas, for example. Your goodbye singleness party should be something that will be unique and unforgettable. I bet you have already been to someone else bachelor party in Vegas. Leave your friends with good memoirs that they know were definitely at your one of a kind event.

toupee ukIn the last two years, bachelor party bookings have more than tripled in exotic Costa Rica. Times have changed. Today’s soon to be wed guys are less interested in wasting all their money on one crazy night. They are more inclined to have a whole week full of some craziness as well as some quality time with their amigos. This includes just a weekend guy’s trip as well.

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Some guys skip the party and go fishing or hunting. Why skip the party? Why choose only one activity? You can have it all in Costa Rica. Your fiancé will be impressed at your tan and you will be happy you didn’t burn like you would in the heat of Vegas. The climate in Costa Rica is hot enough for the beach but breezy enough for sports and other outdoor events.

White water rafting, zip lining, golfing, surfing, and fishing are all available to you in tropical Costa Rica. After a few nights of adult activity you may want to just chill on a secluded beautiful beach. Vegas doesn’t have anything to offer you after your stomach is done with binge drinking and your wallet hurts to much to gamble anymore. $2500 can get you a 3 day weekend in Vegas or a whole week in Costa Rica. The choice should be easy.

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