From April until September there will be hundreds of wedding bells throughout the world as those are the months in which most decide to say their vows.  Along with the wedding come the traditions which include the infamous bachelor party.  I think in many cases if the to be wife knew what happened at some of these parties the wedding would be called off.

In the past and still today Las Vegas has been the top destination for destination bachelor parties.  However, more and more guys are deciding on Costa Rica as the spot to have that one last bonding experience before sending their friend into married life.

Drinking, gambling, and strippers are available worldwide, not just in Vegas. In the last two years, bachelor party bookings have more than tripled in exotic Costa Rica. Today’s soon to be wed guys are less interested in wasting all their money on one crazy night. They are more inclined to have a whole week full of some craziness as well as some quality time with their friends.  After getting married the chances to have these guy’s trips and binding experiences are few and far between.

As wedding season approaches it is the perfect time to come and visit Costa Rica.  Costa Rica slips into its green season in April which means less expensive vacation rentals and cheaper flights.  Yes, green season might mean a short afternoon shower, but for most of that live in Costa Rica we welcome that 30 to 45 minute rain to cool things down, take a nap, or just sit on the porch and watch the rain on the ocean.

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While going to Las Vegas to celebrate your buddy’s last days of freedom seems like a great plan, Costa Rica has all Vegas has to offer and much more. White water rafting, zip lining, golfing, surfing, and sport fishing are all available to you in tropical Costa Rica while Las Vegas will just offer a weekend of debauchery that you can pretty much get anywhere. You could spend $2,500 for a weekend in Vegas or get pretty much an entire week in Costa Rica.

Most bachelor parties in Costa Rica start off for at least one night in San Jose.  A visit to the Hotel Del Rey or one of
the many bars in “gringo gulch” will start off the trip on a crazy note.  After a night of drinking most groups travel to Jaco to continue the bachelor party festivities.  The night life in the small beach town cannot be matched and the women you will find at Jaco’s Hotel Cocal & Casino makes the Beatle Bar a thing of the past.

During the group’s stay in Jaco you can surf at one of Central America’s premier surf locations or partake in one of the other adventure tours out of the area like rafting or ATVs.  Most groups will take a day to head out to Los Suenos to go on a sport fishing trip and enjoy catching a few marlin or sailfish.

After 4 to 7 days in Costa Rica the bachelor party will be over but the memories will always remain.  Bachelor party season is here in Costa Rica and more and more guys are heading to the land of pura vida for their Costa Rica Bachelor Party.

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