When heading down to Costa Rica for a Costa Rica guy’s trip or bachelor party there are a multitude of activities for you and the boys to take part of during the day, but when people think Costa Rica for guys they think of the night life.

Bachelor parties and guys trips in Costa Rica should hit more than one location. Consider going on a tour of all five party towns! These are San Jose, Jaco, Puerto Viejo, Playas del Coco, and Tamarindo. If you fly into San Jose, go to the Caribbean, then head to the Pacific and fly out of Liberia, it’s possible. At least, pick 2 or 3 of these towns.

San Jose is full of people. You have a great chance of meeting one you click with. You can find every kind of entertainment you can imagine from low key bars to casinos to salsa clubs. There are bars for every music genre. Try Club Vertigo for electronic music. For some adult action hit the Del Rey area.

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Puerto Viejo is my favorite, though it is known for pickpocketing tourists. Don’t walk around with a lot of cash. You can party at Johnny’s Place or Mangos all night very inexpensively. It’s a budget friendly and open town.

In Jaco you can chill in the pool with a drink in hand by day and then meet the infamous nightlife scene! There are a number of reputable places to go at night. Check for events and promotions. If you visit a few per night you will get good deals. Some bars have cover charges.

Ask locals what you should expect to pay so that you don’t get charged extra for being a foreigner. The first option is the Monkey Bar. It’s an energetic place with the sounds of Reggaeton and Hip Hop. Los Amigos Jaco serves top shelf liquors and imported beers. You will be surrounded by huge LCD’s featuring the latest music videos. Nightly themes set this place apart. Le Loft is available by reservation only. It’s an upscale VIP atmosphere.  There are a million other bars, clubs, casinos, gentleman’s clubs, and singles’ bars.

Tamarindo is the closest party town to Liberia’s airport. People come to Tamarindo from all the nearby towns for a good night out. Aqua is a well liked club in the area, as is the Crazy Monkey Bar, which was featured on “Wild on E!

Playas del Coco doesn’t boast a big crowd. What it offers is high quality and great service that is unmatched in the whole country. There are foreigner friendly hangouts as well as people drinking and partying in the street.

There are a few warnings you should hear. Your back pocket is not a good place to hold your wallet. Guys wearing wallets in easily accessible places attract girls looking to play friendly only to steal their money. Make sure there are a sufficient amount of sober people in your group to keep you safe when walking back to your hotel. Drunken people walking the main street being crazy and loud are just asking for trouble! Stay away from buying drugs and going to ATMs with strangers. You, not your common sense and intuitions, are on vacation. Jaco Bachelor Party.

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